Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

UT once more

All packed for another trip to UT tomorrow. Van is making extra scary noises from the underneath, so I had to repack for scootering to airport. Just means a different choice of baggage is all.

Scary noises are extra scary. Every now and then I get a racket and jarring like I'm running over some junk in the road, but no junk. Or like I hit a pothole. I can't tell from visual inspection what it could be, beyond the free-dangling section of tailpipe, but I rotated that through every angle of motion and it didn't seem able to interfere with any moving parts. Could be wrong, tho.

Two week stay this time. I don't get much done when I go for a week. Monday gets blown on what I call fellowshipping and Friday is usually a waste due to early flights. Bah! This way I can spend the intervening Saturday apartment hunting, and the subsequent Sunday going to church up in SLC.
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