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Legal things

So, I'll be in to work late today due to legal things involving custody and child support. Right now I'm waiting for the bank to open up so I can get into my safe deposit box for documentation. After that comes a gazillion photocopies and a trip north to the attorney's to drop all this off and sign the signables.

I'm fairly negatively impressed with the ex's attorney. Apparently this guy saw him coming and got dollar signs in his eyes. He's filed a whole lot of stuff that you file on dissolution, not on modification. If the ex could have a moment of clarity, he'd remember that we did none of this the last time, and that was a huge brouhaha. So, we're being jumped through a lot of unnecessary hoops, with subpoenas and stuff, as though I'm contesting anything. Which I'm not. I'm the one who sent the guys to their dad and insisted on flipping the child support.

It's really dumb. When two people completely agree on a course of action and begin to execute it, what's the point of one of them going to war on the other? There's nothing to be gained or lost. There's nothing I have to give him that I'm not already giving him. There's nothing he has that I want to take from him. The results are going to be the same no matter what we do here.

If you ever want a lawyer in Stuart, Florida (why he chose Stuart I have no idea) and need a recommendation, please get with me offline and I'll be happy to explain who you don't pick, and why. No point in your being taken to the cleaners the way my poor ex is.
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