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On Beth's challenge, I have joined National Blog Posting Month for November. Although in my personal world, it's still Halloween, technically it's November 1st, so ... first post!

I just got home from a lovely party by the ladies of BLAST. Such a fun time! Really looking forward to doing more with them - which is easy because they have just so much stuff going on, all the time.

Tomorrow UUFBR is having a program fair, so I need to sit in to represent our nearly-dead small group ministry program. If we don't drum up some interest soon, we'll need to give it a rest for a while. I've captured several items to print up for handout and will do that at Office Depot tomorrow before going to church.

I'm not going to stress out over the program, though. We've been a bit hasty in our implementation, which according to the getting started guide is a pretty sure way to botch it, so I predict we'll need to start over from scratch eventually anyway. Doing all the necessary research, steering, polling, coordinating, etc. would mean any launch would be well after I don't live in South Florida anymore. So, that can be saved for the next go-round, I think. We'll finish taking a whack at this implementation.

Next week is the gratitude dinner for my Al-Anon district. Really looking forward. Now I have to find whoever called me from church yesterday to let them know I can't volunteer for a function the same day and time. I had not put in the gratitude dinner into my Outlook, so I didn't see it when I checked for commitments. Ugh.

Tired. Me. Bed. Now.
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