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Children of Earth

So, I've seen it, in tiny Youtube-sized bites.

So maybe it's part of my illness to see alcoholism in all sorts of things, but Jack Harkness seems to be a symbol of the supreme alcoholic. He only has the best of intentions, but still he's the Piece of Shit at the Center of the Universe. He's a huge narcissist, a hedonist, a charming fellow, and an all-around fun guy. Yet he's a monster nonetheless caught in a vortex of self-loathing. He seeks redemption and sometimes he finds it, only to do something more hideous the next time.

I completely identify with him. I find him irresistible. I just wanna kiss his owies and make it all better. But he's a doomed creature. It's written for him to suffer eternally. I don't think there's a recovery program for him in RTD's universe. I just wonder if we'll ever see him again.
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