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Oh my lord!

This is fantastic, and it isn't just the one guy depicted. You gotta see.

In other news, I'm actually peeking in on a few places on the Internets. Amazing!

Looking for part-time clerical work in the mornings.

Studying MSDN MCDST on the weekends.

Heightened church involvement over the summer.

Kids are at their dad's in Wyoming for the summer.

Going to commencement in Albany on July 10 after all. Registered, got plane and motel tickets. All is GO! I don't need tickets or anything for anyone who wants to come see the commencement, so let me know (you all know who you are!) if you can make it, cuz I'd love to have you there. And if you can't be there and still want to see the edge-of-seat excitement, it's gonna be webcast at https://www.excelsior.edu/Excelsior_College/Commencement http://excelsior.edu/webcast oh and Soledad O'Brien is the speaker.

Um, what else? Well work is loads of fun for the first time in forever. Massive changes are occurring Very Fast. In this environment, the family disease of alcoholism actually gives me an edge over my colleagues. I can punt like nobody's business! Game in ON!

I am -this- close to having my financial life completely automated again for the first time since I left Bank of America. It's been a very rough six months. My human propensity for error has been hosing me but good.

Until next I surface ...
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