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  • Augh. My tweets are not posting to FaceBook and I think the reason is that twitter spam thingy I subscribed for not too long ago. #
  • I don't know the name of the thingy and I can't find any email about it in gmail and it's making me c - r - a - z - y!!! #
  • @strandloper my hair is covered most of the time. Except when I am in company of people I'd be willing to be naked around. #
  • Found the app. Revoked access. Testing now. #
  • That still didn't help. I found that Nest Unclutterer had blocked or un-followed fb_tweeter. Hard to tell which. Un/reinstalled tweeter. #
  • Ok, fine, good. Twtter is fired. :-( I really liked that I could prepend custom text. %%$^@$#$ #
  • Uhm, TwEEter is fired. Using Twitter FB app now, but it doesn't let me prepend text. So I can't go "Springdew tweeted ..." #
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