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Bulleted catch-up post:

- Still big fan of House and Little Mosque on the Prairie.

- Now working my way (slowly) through Weeds.

- Developed big crush on Brooke Smith, who played the DEA agent's ex-wife on Weeds. Have been watching some episodes of Grey's Anatomy to get a better look at her.

- Grey's Anatomy sucks.

- Violin class is over. Sort of. Final session was re-scheduled so I couldn't make it. Not about to do dress rehearsal and concert without the last class, so I turned in my strings. Very sad. Will have to take it up again later when I can better commit to practice time.

- Did score a sweet potato ocarina on the cheap tho.

- Still plan on attending concert to support classmates, instructor, and school. Shepherd Institute FTW!

- Downloaded and printed sheet music for Dr. Horrible, Jonathan Coulton, and several popular video games. Am dweeb.

- Finally got the sign I was waiting for. Will apply this fall to divinity school for the Fall '10 term. Yeah, it has to be that far in advance. Scary.

- Need letters of recommendation, three of which have to be from my professors. I've only had three professors THIS DECADE. Detective work FTL.

- Blood sugar was normal last night. Probably don't have The Beetus.

- I have a special friend but am not talking about him much. Am sensitive to possibility of his becoming entertainment fodder, and I'm not having it.

- Might attend gay & lesbian speed dating event later this month. Might not. While I am girl-interested and available, am also still quite bi and married. Concern.

- Studying for MCDST (two exams) this summer, followed by MCTS for Vista. Career-advancing ticket punches FTW!

- Nissan Sentra still inoperable. Needs brake system bled and brake signaling system repaired. $$ short thanks to cat getting himself mangled.

- Failed to score new motorcycle. Credit line belongs to division that no longer exists. No new charges.

- Scooter for sale. Fantastic little commuter vehicle. 98 MPG when fully cargo loaded and carrying fat chick.

- Saw Disney. Feel initiated now. How can they not have a teacup set replica of Mad Tea Party ride?

- Have been cooking most nights. Family dinner. Go me.

- Depression kicking my ass lately. Feel better today. Do not want meds again.

- Almost done with first pass at 4th step resentment list - columns 1 and 2 - who I resent and what for. Huge stack of paper. Many of these are acquired resentments against third parties. Like if I resent a friend's first grade teacher for holding them back a year.

- Cats still communicating mysterious messages via bodily waste. Am this close to interpreting message as, "I volunteer to be Chinese food. Eat me and live!"

- Thanksgiving in MS this year to see sister I haven't seen in a decade, plus nieces and BIL whom I've never seen.

- First kid turns 21 this summer. I finally got his letter out to the adoption agency yesterday. If he comes looking for birthmom, the most important info is there. If not, I accept. This is me, letting go the results ...

- Still plan on going to graduation in Albany. $$ shortage cuts trip down dramatically. No week in NYC after all. The sad.

- Still doing FlyLady. Mostly. Routines are slipping a bit but mostly holding together.

- I have a prison ministry pen-pal. It's very interesting. Am learning a lot.

- Dunno if I can make sister's MS wedding this fall. Depends on too many things, and she needs to *ahem* SET A DATE aldready. Weener. Love you.

- Dunno if I can make Tempus_Thales' NC wedding this fall. Really wanted to and committed early, but things are kinda sketchy ...

- Spring break next year is a another trip to Disney, the shape and size of which will be determined via rewards system. My kids have to earn it. Have no idea how to set that up.

- Tax refund was adjusted down dramatically due to something about a stimulus check. I never got a stimulus check. Tha hell?

- Work is crazy. It's just crazy. Ask somebody else; I don't feel like talking about it.

- Scored some fresh Doctor Who. Will watch at lunch at McDonald's while I post this entry from their nifty wireless.

- Hate, hate, hate my younger son's school. A more inconsistent, uncommunicative, disorganized bunch I have never seen. Am considering moving just for the change of schools. So frustrating! And they're an "A" school! Bribery, I tell you.

Now for the links portion:

The aforementioned Shepherd Institute of Music. Go there and get affordable instruction. You are never too old to learn to play an instrument. It's not as hard as you think.

If you are getting a motorcycle this year, have a look at this info about a tax deduction.

My dad is building one of these Plains Indian tipis. He and I share an interest in non-mainstream housing.

Look at some weird confiscations by the TSA. My favorite is the live pigeons.

This is why I don't pay for TV service. My little blue dot is firmly lodged in a circle called "Internet Access".

Ian's Shoelace Site - every kind of way you can tie a shoe. Practical tips too.

Am now smitten with the afifah. Not the ones depicted by defaut in the Flash window - scroll left to see the good ones.


Wicked science T-shirts
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