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Post by email

It's been forever since I've been in LJ, but I've been saving notes for an
eventual post the whole time. I just got a look at those notes. They are
exTENsive for sure. So, that decided me. I've set up for email post to LJ,
to save having to do the once-a-month-or-so monster post.

The crackdown at work continues. Some argue that being in a management
position entitles me to surf the web even if the front-line peeps are not
permitted to. Justified or not, that sounds like a crock to me. If they
can't, I won't, as much as possible. I'm still slipping occasionally when I
have an urgent need for information, or have to hurry up and pay a bill, but
I'm working on this. I'm not following fun links that people send me via
AIM, for instance.

Am waffling on whether to drop music school. The elder kid and I will have
completed our 6-month family commitment at the end of this month, and so can
justify doing so. However, dropping lessons in the middle of a semester
feels kind of wrong and cowardly. But we really need these Monday nights.

I give the last segment of the 4-part workshop on spiritual safety tomorrow
night. This has been an anxiety producing series of events, no less so now,
but so far the results have been good, even if class size is humorously
small. Thank god we'll be done soon. We really need these Tuesday nights

I don't get all the replies from LJ in my email, BTW. I have heard that
others are experiencing the same. Please be patient if you reply to
something and it seems to go in a black hole. :-(
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