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The year - really fast

This is the old thingy where you take the first sentence from the first entry of each month and make a paragraph.

I'm depressed. Yes, it's Super Bowl Sunday but I plan on going around 7 PM-ish and hanging out for a good long while, so drop by after the game is over, or wander over during the early part, or whatever. "A person making around the minimum wage has to work three full-time jobs to afford the average rent for a two-bedroom apartment, he said." So, I went to the GYN today ... and 40 weeks from March 2 comes out to Sunday, December 7, 2008. Little bit terrified. 23:45 There. Maybe I finally have enough material to kick Maslow's theory's ass. reebar - Masterofkeys would like to know if you would please find him a railroad spike in NJ and/or PA. # 21:15 Finally leaving work now, as soon as I can get changed. 20:37 @lycangrrl good grief okay here you go tinyurl.com/osfeo 13:16 Lunch meeting -> the itis. I'm going to be scarce in social networking this week. Kitteh has new home!

Yeah. That wasn't very enlightening.
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