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Holy cow!

So, I forgot that my elder kid's new laptop comes with integrated webcam. One longstanding item on the shopping list has been a better webcam for the best Mac Mini in the house, the Logitech Quickcam not working out so great. The image is tiny and extremely low-res, with really jerky motion and no access to any sort of brightness/contrast etc. settings, and believe me, I looked FOR and AT all sorts of helper apps and such (official and not), trying to correct that. I had to tape garbage bags over my windows to get it dark enough for the kids to webcam with their dad, because the automatic brightness correction didn't seem to know when to give up.

At any rate, forgetting the new laptop, I bought a Dynex webcam on sale at Best Buy for next to nothing, and the damn thing is working fantastically! Works great with Mercury Messenger, and even better with iChat. OMG iChat! I can't tell you how horrible it's been trying to get the Logitech to work with that.

Anyway, it's just like the rest of the Mac experience - just plug it in and It Just Damn Works. I feel an orgasm coming on.

The younger kid and I just got done clowning around a lot with the video. I need to find a way to record video for like podcasting and other hijinx. Such as animated LJ icons. Hee!
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