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I feel pokemon itch coming on. It's the same feeling that LinkedIn gives me. Must collect them all.

Stupid fact #667: I drop the soap. I always drop the soap. It's not intentional; I drop lots of things. I drop spoons and cups and napkins. I drop my phone so much I only buy Nokias because they can take it. I drop pens and coins just about everything else. When I was a little kid, I watched an episode of The Love Boat wherein one of the guest stars started dropping things. Turned out to be Lou Gehrig's Disease. I couldn't sleep for a week.

Don't bother teasing me about dropping the soap. It's not all that funny.

Best pep talk ever, courtesy all of Hollywood:

teddy bears in space

Checking In

Oh! Forgot to mention - I got a B on my final paper for Sociology of the Workplace. Final grade - A. Turned in my tuition reimbursement; keep your fingers crossed. This course was already double-approved, but that doesn't mean the money's gonna be there.
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