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X-posted from Daveworld ... Laundry!

I bought a new washer/dryer set online - $200 w/shipping! I used my laundromat budget for this.


Ooo! This is the agitator I originally wanted, not the steel one, but their domain name was being squatted on as though they had gone out of business. Now the site is back up again, so I ordered it too:


So I'll have two agitators. That just means I can draft someone to help me with laundry. Heh or make both boys do it and stay out of it entirely.

When I get caught up on the bills, I am getting this one too:


I'm also going to get this:


And install it like this:


But since it's going in instead of a machine washer rather than in addition to, I don't have to do the additional supply lines and drain lines. I just need to adapt the washing machine drain line.

This is going to be so neat! And inexpensive! And environmentally friendly! And convenient! And inexpensive!
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