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From a recent quiz:
Choose the one that most applies:
You are a perfectionist and can't leave anything unfinished
You need time, over-prepare and hate pressure
You're scatty, forgetful and disorganised
You put things off till the last minute and are often late

Good LUCK! Any and all of the above, depending on a whole buncha things.

What happened to the guy who stuck his head into a particle accelerator. Wow!

5 Common Misconceptions About Healthcare

OMGWTFBBQ!! Must have this!

As well as this!

ABSOLUTELY must have ...

And this is nice hott too.

The whole site gives me feelings in my secret places, ohmygoodness.

Also want these:

Imaginary sitcom opening credits!

Life continues at freakout pace. Tonight is dress rehearsal for music school concert next week. Guess what people haven't been practicing! What a horrible example Mom is!

I continue to freak out over the ensuing academic deadline of the 18th. Still have two term papers and a final exam to submit. Felt quite accomplished this weekend finishing up a final exam (81) and outstanding discussion board questions (100, 100, and 100) but those laurels cannot be rested upon. The event horizon approacheth.

So also approacheth reebar night after tomorrow! Super squee!

So also approacheth the birthday of the elder kid, probably the most sucktastic birthday he ever had, but will do my best. It really sucks being so broke.

Continuing to freak out over encroaching Xmas season and certain bills going past due and getting moldy. Next payday will help with the most critical of these, but I don't expect any kind of economic equilibrium until at least March, whereupon I must brace for the bitchslapping that the IRS will unleash upon me. Woe!
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