Spring Dew (springdew) wrote,
Spring Dew

Kitten needs home!

So this is yesterday, Thanksgiving Day:

Perfect cat harmony.

Today the cats are fighting and nasty to each other. The reason?

My youngling rescued him from a nasty dog. His scrawniness tells me that he hasn't always eaten so well, but his very round belly tells me he either ate very well today or has worms. I guess we'll find out. All the chi in the house is disrupted, though, even though he is sequestered.

He is terribly cute, although the pics don't accurately convey how tiny and scrawny he is, nor how scraggly his fur. No fleas though. Not too fearful, for somebody who was just snatched from canine jaws. Extremely loving toward humans. I'd really rather find a home for him than take him to the shelter. We rent. We really cannot have a fourth cat.

I had just enough battery power for 5 seconds of video. It came out really dark though. Hope you can see it:

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